Secret Paris Tours in a Tuktuk

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You are looking for a tour-like experience but do not want something typical or touristy?
​These tours are for you. These are not the typical city tours. Take a break from all the statues, churches, and famous monuments and discover all the unexpected and beautiful hidden side of the city. Trust us, the other side of Paris really is the most vibrant and exciting. Have you heard of : La cité des Fleurs? Les arènes de Lutèce? La Butte aux Cailles? Alligre Market? La Campagne à Paris? etc… We’ll take you there. This is a really cool way to discover the other side of Paris. Our guides are extremely helpful and knowledgable of most. Paris food, fun, arts and style in the France Capital​​



durée du tour 2 h

This is one of our most popular tours. The Left Bank offers the classical and the unexpected. It starts with the cozy 7th district (Eiffel Tour, Invalides, …). It continues with the 6th bustling streets and its vibrant atmosphere. Its fetching streetscape is bordered with famous landscapes : St-Germain-des-Prés, Place Furstenberg, Rue de Buci, Odéon, the Quartier Latin, Panthéon, The Grande Mosquée, … To finish, it travels further south to unveil the 13th district less famous charms but just as appealing: the Gobelins, la Butte aux Cailles, Cité Universitaire. This tour is a great alternative to the classic Haussmannian Paris and has a more diverse architecture and local life.

Prix : 1 à 3 pers. : 120€ | 4p. : 140€ | 5p. : 160€ | 6p. : 180€


durée du tour 1 h 30 min (ou plus)

Visit Paris travelling between varied styles and ages. Discover stunning buildings from famous architects, stretching from haussmannians wonders to modern curiosities.
This tour lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes at least, but can be extended depending on your appetite for atypical and modern buildings. Paris’ 105 square kilometers hold numerous and unique architectural masterworks !

Tour Route : Mallet Stevens | Niemeyer | Jules Lavirotte | Paul Chemetov | Le Corbusier | Franck Gehry | Renzo Piano | Richard Rogers | Jean Nouvel | …

Prix : 1 à 3 pers. : 95€ | 4p. : 115€ | 5p. : 125€ | 6p. : 135€


durée du tour 1 h or 2 h

The two hours tour is recommended as it allows enough time to venture further east in the city. To our humble opinion, it is There that it happens in Paris. And the hussle and bustle is best viewed from a tuktuk !
To quote a famous author : “He who contemplated the depths of Paris is seized with vertigo. Nothing is more fantastic. Nothing is more tragic. Nothing is more sublime.” This was written in the 19th century. The 21st offers similar impressions.

Tour route : Le Marais | Bastille | Aligre | Oberkampf | Père Lachaise | La campagne à Paris | Belleville | Buttes Chaumont

Price 1 hour : 1 to 3 pers. : 65€ | 4p. : 75€ | 5p. : 85€ | 6p. : 95€

Price 2 hours : 1 to 3 pers. : 120€ | 4p. : 140€ | 5p. : 160€ | 6p. : 180€


durée du tour 1 h

Do you remember how a journalist from Fox News, Christopher Nolan, made a short buzz in the aftermath of Paris terrorist attacks, by calling some central areas of Paris “No Go Zones”? Well… this tour is dedicated to him. These supposedly No Go Zones (as safe as the rest of western europe) is where this tour will take you, without bullet-proof jackets, no need one. It covers tour 7 in parts, that are lively and vibrant areas, culturally mixed, but without a risk !

Tour Route : Quartier Montmartre | Goutte d’Or | le 104 | Belleville | Bastille |et plus …

Prices : 1 to 3 pers. : 65€ | 4p. : 75€ | 5p. : 85€ | 6p. : 95€


durée du tour 1 h 30 min

See all Paris bridges – from the north bank to the south bank. Feel the uniqueness of the waters of the Seine, contained and beautiful as they wound through the heart of Paris – Our chauffeurs will take you through ways only electric vehicles (our tuktuks!) can access.

Prices : 1 to 3 pers. : 95€ | 4p. : 115€ | 5p. : 125€ | 6p. : 135€